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Water tank packages on offer

Monday May 20, 2013 Written by Published in Economy

Two water tank suppliers have begun advertising packages for those wanting to receive the government’s $1500 subsidy.

George Turia, who was previously overseeing the project, met with suppliers last week to discuss the details of the subsidy.

The two suppliers of plastic tanks have released packages for those that qualify for the fund.

CITC Building Centre is offering a package that includes a 6000 litre plastic tank, a pump, fittings and installation, for a total of $2000. Those approved for the $1500 subsidy will pay the balance of $500.

Cook Islands Building Supplies is offering a 6000 litre plastic tank, a pump, fittings and installation for a payment of $480 from property owners approved for the subsidy. As the subsidy will be paid directly to suppliers, Cook Islands Building Supplies have priced their package using the amount property owners will pay on top of the subsidy.

People wanting features outside of the basic package – such as the ability to collect rainwater from the roof – can discuss this with the suppliers.

Suppliers of concrete tanks – T&M Heather and Mike Rennie Builders – are still looking into providing packages for people approved for the subsidy.

Application forms for the fund are available from the Development Co-ordination Division office at MFEM, but not everyone will qualify. The government plans to release a map showing which households fall into ‘priority areas’ – those typically affected by low water pressure – later this week. Homes in these areas that do not already have a water tank will be first in line for the fund.

The government subsidy will cost $3 million over three years, and complements the $60 million Te Mato Vai initiative – a partnership between the Cook Islands, China and New Zealand that aims to upgrade the reticulated water system.

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