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Interest in mining jobs

Friday April 12, 2013 Written by Published in Economy

A flood of interest in Australian mining jobs overwhelmed organisers of a meeting to promote the industry on Thursday.

The Tupapa meeting house was packed with locals wanting to find out more about jobs available in the mines in Australia.

The trio who hosted the meeting – two sisters and their uncle – say they’re not yet a recruitment agency despite advertising the event as ‘Avaiki Reo Recruiters’.

Already members of the public have raised concerns about the intentions of the meeting organisers.

One of the organisers, Pouarii Tanner, said yesterday that she, her sister Maria Tanner, and their uncle Kane Amoa – who works in the mining industry in Perth – held the meeting to gather information before they look at whether there are jobs for those who expressed interest.

“Before any recruitment can be done, we need to ascertain whether there’s a workforce here. The meeting itself is not a recruitment agency. Filling out a form is not a job application. That would be the next step. Once we’ve got their information, they need to go through a screening process.”

The meeting included a brief talk by Amoa, and questions from the audience. Pouarii Tanner said in response to the questions that they were there to gather information, and would answer any concerns during individual discussions with those interested. People then filled out a form including information such as their qualifications and whether they have criminal convictions, and – as some mines require workers to be in a certain range of the Body Mass Index (BMI) – lined up and had their height and weight measured.

Pouarii Tanner said yesterday they had only expected a few people to show up to the meeting.

“We didn’t really expect that many people to turn up – it’s bigger than we thought it would be. All three of us were really overwhelmed. I want to introduce more structure (at the second meeting) tonight (Friday). The entire thing needs to be different.”

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