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New laundry for resort

Sunday March 24, 2013 Written by Published in Economy

Pacific Resort unveiled a new $150,000 laundry facility yesterday.

The resort had previously sent washing to nearby business Snowbird Laundry, which was damaged by a fire in October last year, but decided to set up its own facility.

“We looked at various options, (including) a partnership with Snowbird,” said Pacific Resort’s chief executive officer Greg Stanaway.

“In the end we decided to open our own laundry.”

Deputy chief executive officer Marcus Niszow, who managed the project, said it took two and a half months to complete the $150,000 project.

“We got it done on time and on budget.”

Niszow said the company expects a return on investment within three years.

The laundry includes a sorting area, as well as a place to stow the clean washing once it’s folded. There are two 24kg washing machines and two 34kg dryers, as well as smaller machines. Niszow said it is necessary to have dryers with a larger capacity, because washing weighs more once it’s wet.

The washing machines run on electricity, but the dryers are gas-powered.

“Whatever we can run on gas we do it, just because of the price of electricity,” said Niszow.

Each wash takes around 40 minutes to complete, and drying time depends on the type of linen.

Niszow said the resort was conscious of managing waste water in an eco-friendly way. The water will be collected in a holding tank, treated, and then used to water the gardens at the resort.

Executive housekeeper Uta Raitia said the new laundry is catered to the needs of the resort and will be more convenient.

It is set up so staff can work through the process in sequence, he said.

“There is a sorting station, where we separate towels from sheets and so on, then the washing and drying area, then a folding station, and a storage unit. We fold the linen while it’s hot and then pile it on top of each other, so it presses itself.”

The laundry space had previously been a workshop, which is being rebuilt nearby.

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