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Cultural festival action continues

Tuesday August 07, 2018

The feast of Cook Islands dancing and music continued at the National Auditorium on Thursday night, with another large crowd turning out to enjoy Cook Islands culture at its best.

New Zealand’s Minister for Pacific Peoples says Cook Islands Language Week can play an important part in protecting the future of Reo Maori Kuki Airani.

Choreographer happy to be back

Saturday August 04, 2018

Choreographer Jacob Samson is once again lending his expertise to the group from Rakahanga for this year’s Te Maeva Nui celebrations.

Night of surprises...

Saturday August 04, 2018

With pearls thrown to the crowd, young drummers smaller than the drums they were beating, a turtle on stage (well, kind of) and much more, Thursday night’s performances were full of surprises for this (papa’a) reporter’s first real look at what makes Te Maeva Nui such a magical occasion for the whole of the Cook Islands.

Dehydration and tiredness resulted in performers collapsing while either coming off the stage, or on the grounds outside the building during the Te Maeva Nui celebrations at the National Auditorium this week.

Eyes on trophy as teams up tempo

Thursday August 02, 2018

The crowds are getting bigger, the final night is inching closer, and the pressure on performers to nail every inch of the national auditorium into the memories of those present is intense.

TMN teams cop health warning

Thursday August 02, 2018

Cultural Development ministry head Anthony Turua says he's putting all team leaders to Te Maeva Nui on notice that any performers looking faint or tired will not be allowed to take the stage.

Te Maeva Nui brings the Arapo magic

Wednesday August 01, 2018

The feast of Cook Islands culture that is Te Maeva Nui took up on Monday night from where Sunday’s choir competition left off, with a new set of judges – and in keeping with the theme of ‘te au arapo o toku matakeinanga/enua’ (the traditional calendars of my ancestors/island).

Cook Islands Maori became the first foreign language to be used to recite the parliamentary prayer at the New Zealand parliament earlier this week.

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