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Big plans for newly-opened gallery

Tuesday January 08, 2019

Artist and writer Mike Tavioni has big plans for his Tavioni Gallery and Vananga at Atupa.

Eleven artists are set to take part in a local art exhibition tomorrow at the newly-built Tavioni Gallery and Vananga located on the back road at Atupa.

Students from Carlton College in the US were given lessons on the intricate needle art of tivaevae on Monday this week.

The Rakei Tipuna - traditional costume exhibition now on show at the National Museum showcases three of the exceptional traditional costumes which featured in the 2018 Miss Cook Islands pageant.

A $20,000 donation from Bluesky has helped Rarotonga’s first ukulele festival get off the ground.

The Golden Ukulele festival, to be held from March 16 to 21 next year, is setting out to showcase all the unique styles and sounds of the ukulele.

New Zealand's largest housing development project, aimed at building 7,500 homes across a part of Auckland known more for its troubles than its triumphs was feeling a very special tamure vibe on the weekend.

Master carver and artist Mike Tavioni has a long-term plan for his gallery – to make those who create fine works the main attractions in it.

A man on an art mission

Saturday October 27, 2018

Sebastian Pakarati is a man on a mission. His mission is to preserve Polynesian folklore through art.

A special celebration of food

Sunday October 21, 2018

Each year, on October 16, the world celebrates food.

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