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Pride inspires island clothing venture

Saturday December 13, 2014

As island families pack up and move to greener pastures overseas, one local father is doing the opposite and creating a business at home for his two daughters.

Artist enlists stars for movie project

Saturday December 13, 2014

Two more Cook Islands stories are set to be created into films next year and securing funds is the first step in the project being driven by renowned local artist Mike Tavioni.

The history of Takitumu paramount chief Pa Ariki will come to life at the chief’s palace in Turangi which will also include  a wellbeing centre.

Tivaivai legacy comes to BCA

Saturday November 29, 2014

Cook Islands Tivaivai will brighten up the BCA Gallery in Taputapuatea next week with a show titled ‘Grandmother’s Legacy’ – an exhibition by expert tivaivai quilters Tungane Broadbent and Vereara Maeva Taripo.

Creative flowers decorate schools

Friday November 28, 2014

Despite the rain, the schools dressed their buildings with colourful flowers, plants, fruits, and a variety of props.

Colourful flowers woven into  neck and head ei and a variety of rare pot plants brightened and graced the Maire Nui Drive yesterday as part of the Mire Tiare festival organised by the Ministry of Culture.

Concern that the Cook Islands Maori language will soon be lost has sparked a project to rejuvenate the language through social media and beyond.

A full year of celebrations

Saturday November 15, 2014

Come the first day of January, 12 months of festivities will commence to celebrate 50 years of self government in the Cook Islands, says the new celebrations coordinator.

Cooks history found in stone tools

Thursday November 13, 2014

A team of archaeological researchers from the University of Auckland, New Zealand are now on Aitutaki hoping to learn more about Cook Island voyaging and Aitutaki’s connections with other Polynesia islands in pre-European times. 

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