Tereora College’s cultural team made a successful performance at the ASB Polyfest for the first time over the weekend.

It was a day of mixed emotions. After 19 days at sea, the vaka Marumaru Atua was yesterday welcomed by the government and people of the Cook Islands.

Standout Ura Nui

Friday May 17, 2019

Participants at the 2019 Te Mire ‘Ura Nui finale on Wednesday night impressed the large crowd with their display of various techniques, creative dance routines and bright stand-out costume designs.

A great basalt stone Paepae (platform) said to be 600-700 years old has been rediscovered next door to the Arai Te Tonga Marae in Tupapa.

Cook Islanders braved a bitterly cold morning to pay their respects to the national’s Ariki on yesterday’s public holiday.

Language renaissance would feature Maori name to replace “Kuki Airani”.

Martha Soatini had dreams of a castle for the construction of a Palmerston house.

The Cook Islands Maori language continues to be at threat of extinction warns High Commissioner to New Zealand Elizabeth Wright-Koteka, saying recovery needs to start now.

Changing the name of “Kuki Airani” to a traditional tupuna Maori name is back on the agenda of the Ui Ariki this week.

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