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Locals and guests alike will be welcomed to tomorrow’s Ui Ariki Day celebrations, honour the Cook Islands’ Ariki, the Aronga Mana, and their ancestors and traditions and influence on today’s modern nation.

There’s not much time to rest, for Cook Islands dancers performing four shows a day to thousands of fans in Hawaii.

Like a ship out of water

Friday June 21, 2019

Vaka captain Sam Timoko (right) passes by the original hull of Marumaru Atua as it is moved from Avatiu to the Pa Ariki palace.  Ruined by a devastating fire in 2017, the hull was left by the CITC supermarket.

A SPIRITUAL stone talisman from Mauke was gifted to a tribe of the Mataatua confederation in Aotearoa this weekend. Protective chants from Aotearoa and Mauke were performed together during the ceremony, clearing a spiritual pathway for the talisman.

Have your pray!

Saturday June 08, 2019

It’s a bidding war a bit like hosting the Olympics. And from 20 contenders, Cook Islands have been selected to host the World Day of Prayer. On one day in 2025, the whole Christian world will stop to pray for the Cooks – so what should they pray for?

Cultural events organised by the government are expected to get bigger and better this year.

Flamboyant Moss history

Saturday May 25, 2019

With the recent collapse of large branches of the iconic 127 year old flamboyant tree at the Avarua roundabout, National Archives has kindly provided early photographs of the tree.

The Regional Pacific Resort Hotel Group continues to support national culture events, recently handing over a donation of $4800 to the Ministry of Cultural Development (MOCD).

Large turnout for Te Mire Penu

Wednesday May 15, 2019

The Ministry of Cultural Development’s spectacular Te Mire Penu dance show on Monday night drew a large crowd of 500 diners to the international event, held under the domes for the first time, at the national auditorium.

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