Melina Etches

Melina Etches

Government to review poop tax

Saturday January 11, 2020

Food stallholders reacted with expressions of colourful profanity at the new stool culture requirement required by health officials to get a food handling licence.

Auckland to Amuri

Friday January 10, 2020

The island of Aitutaki supported its annual Koni Raoni fesitive season event with a massive fundraising effort.

Fury at health department’s ‘pointless’ demand for sample – as well as a $120 fee.

New Zealand agency took two months to deliver report identifying safety deficiencies in Taio ships – and meanwhile, a little boy was lost overboard.

Cook Islands tennis junior representatives will compete in the upcoming Regional Tier Two tournament of the Tennis Auckland Championships 2020.

Repairs to tugboat Toa get underway

Tuesday January 07, 2020

Engineers are working to fix the engine of the Toa, which overheated and broke down trying to rescue a fishing boat on the reef.

Keeping the old ways alive

Monday January 06, 2020

The people of Mauke proudly keep their traditions alive, celebrating the festive season with its annual “rangokere” and “teretere” events hosted by the island’s villages.

Delays unavoidable: Ports manager

Monday January 06, 2020

There’s nothing the Ports Authority could have done prevent the shipping delays that have affected Rarotonga over the last few weeks.

Two babies greet world on January 1

Saturday January 04, 2020

Two healthy babies entered the world at the Rarotonga hospital maternity ward on New Year’s Day.

From ‘nothing’ to ‘something’

Saturday January 04, 2020

Nigel Hoeflich a former student of Tereora college (he quit after three years), was happy last month to take up an invitation by teachers to share his story, “of coming from nothing to something.”

He spoke of his personal struggles of growing up, of being a rebellious kid, and the passing of his father, at a seminar for Year 9 students focused on ‘resilience’.

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