Defiant in the face of Covid

Friday July 24, 2020 Written by Published in Culture

Tereora College head boy Piritau Nga Jr seized the attention of more than 2000 people at the National Auditorium last night, with an impassioned dance depicting triumph over the coronavirus pandemic.

“The devastating Covid-19 that has become widespread through the world,” he said, “through my chanting I will depict the pain it has inflicted on people.”

But, he said, with trust in God we are defeating the virus. “God has already given us our saviour,” he said, “so we will live, amen.”

Nga Jr was one of 15 young performers in the senior open slow beat section of Te Mire Ura, the dancer of the year. 

And just as he told with his dance, the big crowd gathered in defiance of Covid – by far the Cook Islands’ biggest gathering since Covid-19 caused a global shutdown at the start of the year.

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