Hundreds turn out for Ra o te Ui Ariki

Saturday July 04, 2020 Written by Published in Culture
All of the 13 Mataiapos of Rangiatea (Matavera). 20070306 All of the 13 Mataiapos of Rangiatea (Matavera). 20070306

More than two hundred people attended Te Ra O Te Ui Ariki at the National Auditorium domes dressed in waves of colourful pareu garments and ei.

In the past few years the day of the House of Ariki was commemorated in each Vaka.

President of Te Are Ariki Tou Ariki addresed the gathering and voiced the importance to bring together again the Ui Mataiapo and Ui Rangatira on Rarotonga, to honour the day.

Minister of Culture George Angene acknowledged the Arikis who have passed away with a minute of silence and encouraged those with maraes to “keep them clean and tidy”.

National Environment Services secretary Nga Puna welcomed the strengthening of the Are Ariki and customs such as the ra‘ui, and noted the respect in the Pa Enua of their traditional sustainable practices to conserve.

A register will be compiled with the names and details of each of the Ui Mataiapo’s and Ui Rangatira’s for each tribe.

Some islands of the Pa Enua were also present at the occasion.

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