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Generations of tivaivai on display

Wednesday March 20, 2019 Written by Published in Culture

The Threads Through the Generations tivaivai exhibition opens today at the Cook Islands National Museum in Tupapa.


It will showcase the vibrant handmade tivaivai by Ta’unga Tivaivai, Tinomana Tokerau Ariki (Paramount Chief of Puaikura), her family members and women’s tivaivai making groups. 

The exhibition focuses on the creative art development of Tinomana Tokerau Ariki who comes from a generation of women whose mana (prestige) was expressed by their craft abilities.

According to the Ministry of Cultural Development, the exhibition will display a range of unique tivaivai taorei (patchwork), tataura (embroidered) and manu (applique) that have taken years to make. 

It will provide insight into the detailed techniques of tivaivai making.

“Her training began with her mother Te Vaa Noa, and progressed to participation in and eventually leading ladies groups of tivaivai making,” says the ministry. 

The exhibition will include tivaivai family heirlooms and a series of wedding tivaivai made in the 1940s, 1950s and 1980s.

In addition, the exhibition will also have on display Tinomana Tokerau Ariki’s series of machine sewn contemporary tivaivai.

The exhibition highlights her significant involvement in the continuation of the intricate art form of ceremonial tivaivai making in the Cook Islands.

The exhibition will run until March 31.

            - Anneka Brown

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