Play the ukulele at the auditorium

Tuesday March 19, 2019 Written by Published in Culture

Today, the Ukulele Expo will start at the National Auditorium from 9am through to 2pm, bring along your ukulele or purchase a locally made one from vendors at the domes, lessons will start from 10am today.


Fifty-one artists are registered for the Golden Ukulele Festival, they are: Matakura Strings (Rarotonga), Rudy Aquino (Hawaii), Mahuta Adam & Co (Raro), Tracey Blake (NZ), Manava Ora (Rarotonga dance school), Rima Moeau (Rarotonga), D’Harp (NZ), Ben Taiki (NZ), Brother Love (NZ), Tahiti Stars (Tahiti), DAGs (NZ & Australia), and the Aitutaki Midnight Strings (Aitutaki).

Some of the artists are: D’Harp -  a harmonica player and blues guitarist, he has partnered with Cook Islands artist Brother Love; Ben Taiki - plays the ukulele in a classical style, he has more than 10 years of professional experience playing lead guitarist for a cover band; Brother Love Rahui  – his music is a blend of  Blues and Cook Islands soul; Io Orana Tahiti Stars – feature two top ukulele artists Figorito Tepea and Tehahuitu Ariioehau also Lister Koringo Putu who will bring Tahitian flair to the festival, and not forgetting the DAGs from New Zealand.

This morning’s itinerary is as follows: 10am ukulele lessons, 10.30am performances by – Aitutaki Midnight Strings and Tahiti Stars; 11am ukulele lessons, 11.30am–to 1pm performances by DAGs, Aitutaki Midnight Strings, Brother Love, D’Harp, Ben Taiki, and the Tahiti Stars.

Tomorrow is the final evening of the festival, with the events finale starting from 7pm to 11pm at the National Auditorium.   

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