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Festival a week to remember

Saturday August 11, 2018 Written by Published in Culture
Mitiaro made a big impression with their kapa rima. Photo: MOCD. 18081013 Mitiaro made a big impression with their kapa rima. Photo: MOCD. 18081013

What has been described as one of the most successful Te Maeva Nui celebrations ever finally came to a close with a ceremony at the National Auditorium on Monday.


The rousing ceremony, which in contrast to previous years attracted a capacity audience, included a prizegiving which rewarded teams from Rarotonga and the Pa Enua for their amazing efforts in the cultural competitions held over the week of Te Maeva Nui.

Here CINews presents winners’ results and a final round-up of photos from a truly memorable and exciting event, which can be said to have truly brought the nation together.



Tangi Kaara-Drumming:

Part A: Manihiki 1, Mangaia 2, Puaikura 3.

Part B: Puaikura 1, Mangaia 2, Manihiki 3.

Overall: (Sunai Matapo Trophy) Puaikura

There were no consolation prizes as there were only three teams.

Ura Pau-Drum Dance:

Costume: Atiu 1, Tongareva 2, Tupapa 3.

Category A: Aitutaki, Atiu, Rakahanga, Takitumu, Mangaia, Tupapa, Manihiki.

The rest were Category B; there were no Category C placings.

Kapa Rima-Action Song:

Costume: Rakahanga 1, Aitutaki 2, Takitumu 3.

Category A: Tupapa, Tongareva, Mauke, Nikao, Aitutaki, Takitumu, Rakahanga

The rest were category B, there was no category C.

Reo Tupuna-Traditional Chant: Costume: Atiu 1, Mangaia 2, Tupapa and Takitumu =3

Category A: Mangaia, Tupapa, Manihiki, Nikao, Puaikura, Atiu

The rest were category B (no category C).

Ute - Traditional Singing: Costume: Puaikura 1, Nikao and Manihiki 2, Palmerston 3.

Category A: Pukapuka/Nassau, Atiu, Tongareva, Mitiaro, Manihiki, Nikao

Imene Tuki-Traditional Hymn: Category A: Atiu, Pukapuka/Nassau, Tongareva, Puaikura, Takitumu, Manihiki, Rakahanga, Palmerston.

Imene Pupu-Choir: All teams were given a Category A rank from the judges.


BCI Special Award- Mauke Enua. Overall Awards: Manihiki 1, Mauke 2, Puaikura 3.

Government Sector: Infrastructure 1, Agriculture 2, Justice 3.

Community Sector: Badminton 1, Oire Matavera 2, Manea Pacifica 3.

Business Sector: DHL Courier 1.

Schools and Colleges: Sunshine Kids Club 1, Apii Arorangi 2, Apii Avarua 3.

Marching Teams (non-competitive, participation award) Avarua Brass Band, Girls Brigade and CINAT.

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