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Mangaia bring humour, talent to the stage

Wednesday July 29, 2015 Written by Published in Culture
Mangaia bring humour, talent to the stage

Mangaia had fun with their ute on Monday night, entertaining the crowd at the National Auditorium with their spontaneous dance moves.


Two of the girls got up to dance a few times throughout the performance, but near the end they all jumped out of their formation to bust a move.

The Ute, not as choreographed, fierce and intense as the other dance performances, brought a bit of impromptu fun and humour to the night.

Mangaia’s Ute was one of eight performances on Monday night, for the third competition day at the auditorium for Te Maeva Nui 2015.

See more pictures of the other impressive performances from the night on pages eight and nine.

Keep up to date with all the Te Maeva Nui action in Cook Islands News throughout the week. 

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