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Arorangi School celebrates

Sunday February 17, 2013 Written by Published in Culture

Aroa Nui Hall was filled with students, staff and family to celebrate the investiture of the school’s prefects for 2013 on Friday.

Proud family members placed stacks of ei’s around the necks of those who were chosen to lead the school for the year, amidst smiles from the students.

The head boy and head girl chosen for 2013 are ManaAriki Pierre and Morganne George, with Joshua Nookura and Rangina Akava as deputy heads.

Eight other prefects were recognised, these being: Benjamin Tearii, Tini Tairiata, Tuaite Tuariki, Itiao Unuka, Tiamarama Tuivaga, Maranna Miri, Teuira Tapena and Taviana Henry.

Two peace ambassadors, Nii Terepita and Leonard Varu were also selected to represent the school on the national peace council.

Deputy Principal Matakeu Richard, congratulated the students, telling them that maybe in five or ten years times, they will be our leaders, before the celebration ended with photos and feasting.

The community was also reminded to make sure they support the school by attending the next PTA meeting on February 27, where they will be discussing plans for the year ahead and also for the school’s upcoming 100th anniversary in 2015.

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