The Cook Islands Council of Queensland has taken up the legal cudgels for a young Cook Island boy’s cultural rights to keep his hair long until his haircutting ceremony.

Family considers legal action

Friday February 14, 2020

Australian primary school gives Cook Islands boy ultimatum to adhere to strict uniform policy.

‘Leave our name alone’

Tuesday February 11, 2020

Too much time and money will be wasted if the case for a new Maori name for Cook Islands is pushed. 

Cooks’ own Culture Club

Tuesday July 30, 2019

Te Maeva Nui cultural performances kicked off last night with Aitutaki Enua (pictured) starting the show with a pe’e – their traditional chant.

The choirs of the Cook Islands opened Te Maeva Nui last night with soaring tributes to the islands, their peoples, and to God.

Boom! And they’re off. Te Maeva Nui, the biggest cultural event in the South Pacific, is underway. 

Find your place early for the spectacular 28-float parade to launch Te Maeva Nui 2019.

In association with the Ui Ariki, Cook Islands News asked our community what Reo Maori names they would suggest to replace Kuki Airani. Here is a small sample of the ideas.

Locals and guests alike will be welcomed to tomorrow’s Ui Ariki Day celebrations, honour the Cook Islands’ Ariki, the Aronga Mana, and their ancestors and traditions and influence on today’s modern nation.

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