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Cook Islands archivists are stranded in Wellington, preparing to digitise records of disasters like Cyclone Martin – while living through a disaster of a different sort.

The decision has been made to call off Te Maeva Nui – but in some good news, dance contest Te Mire Ura will go ahead in July.

Police paid tribute to Commissioner Maara Tetava Ariki yesterday, carrying him on a pa’ata to honour his investiture as Ariki.

Having faith at Easter

Thursday April 09, 2020

Tomorrow on Good Friday one tradition will continue amid all the change: local Catholics will walk around Rarotonga with the Cross – just with some adaptations.

Cooks’ own Culture Club

Tuesday July 30, 2019

Te Maeva Nui cultural performances kicked off last night with Aitutaki Enua (pictured) starting the show with a pe’e – their traditional chant.

The choirs of the Cook Islands opened Te Maeva Nui last night with soaring tributes to the islands, their peoples, and to God.

Boom! And they’re off. Te Maeva Nui, the biggest cultural event in the South Pacific, is underway. 

Find your place early for the spectacular 28-float parade to launch Te Maeva Nui 2019.

In association with the Ui Ariki, Cook Islands News asked our community what Reo Maori names they would suggest to replace Kuki Airani. Here is a small sample of the ideas.

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