A first-time offender was convicted and given a six-month suspended sentence for assaulting a woman.

A man received serious cuts to the forearm in a fight involving cane knives at a popular “after hours” hangout spot in town. 

Gene Lewis Maxwell has learnt an important lesson at the High Court: don’t show off stolen bling in a community as small as Raro!

Two of older robbers of the Tex Mart store in Nikao have been sentenced to two years imprisonment.

Sentence today for teenage robbers

Wednesday August 05, 2020

Youngsters who robbed Tex Mart store with machete could get jail time for aggravated robbery.

Attacker to get treatment, not jail

Wednesday August 05, 2020

An alleged violent attacker has been designated “not fit to plead” by Te Marae Ora’s mental health team.

Three strikes for violent offenders

Saturday August 01, 2020

And alcohol is fuelling domestic violence and worsening mental instability, says expert.

Domestic assault accused in cells

Saturday August 01, 2020

A man accused of an early-morning domestic assault has been further remanded behind bars.

A recidivist burglar has admitted he only committed multiple crimes so he could return to prison and have a place to sleep and receive three meals a day. 

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