Drunk by lunchtime

Monday May 04, 2020

A “concerned citizen” has seized the keys from a motorbike driver, worried at how drunk he was.

Calls to video-stream court hearings as more cases emerge of men left in prison because travel ban prevents a judge hearing their cases. 

The real lockdown

Friday May 01, 2020

A nine month old baby will reunite with his father when the prison reopens to visitors on Sunday, after a month of lockdown.

Cases are stalled before the court because no judge is able to travel to the country to hear them. 

Government has lifted the ban on large group gatherings and eased alcohol restrictions. 

Crown Law has sought a second psychiatric test for the man accused of a Molotov cocktail attack on a controversial coastal development.

An 18-year-old accused in a spate of burglary and beachside thefts has been sentenced to 12 months’ probation and six months’ community service.

A police officer alleged to have assaulted a young father outside Raro Fried Chicken has pleaded not guilty. Faarii Moekapiti is charged with four counts of assault with intent to injure.

Robbery charge

Wednesday April 22, 2020

Teenager Davi Tupou’s hopes that police would agree to a diversion on his court matter proved futile at the High Court last week.

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