Man injured in bush knife incident

Monday August 17, 2020 Written by Published in Crime

A man received serious cuts to the forearm in a fight involving cane knives at a popular “after hours” hangout spot in town. 

Two people have been charged and have appeared in court for their involvement in an altercation involving bush knives on early Saturday morning.

The incident which took place outside the Vaka Shed after 2am escalated from yelling and arguing to bush knives being presented.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt confirmed a man, who reportedly intervened, received serious cuts to his forearm.

Pitt said two people were arrested early Saturday morning and charged. They appeared in court later during the day.

Both were bailed to reappear on their respective charges.

The female is ordered to reappear on September 3 while the male is to reappear on September 10.

“The female is facing a charge of carrying an offensive weapon in a public place. The male is charged with wounding with intent,” Pitt said.

The incident escalated when a man tried to chase out a small group of people from the Vaka Shed near Trader Jacks. 

He allegedly produced a bush knife and used it against those in the shed, who were reportedly sitting around on the canoes there, Pitt added.

“Another male is reported to have intervened, which is when he got attacked and cut on the forearm.”

According to a police report, Pitt said the second bush knife was subsequently obtained and presented by a female, who was involved in the argument.

“The female appears to have acted in retaliation against the man with a bush knife,” he said. 

“She got her own knife and came back to the scene but was apprehended by police before she could do anything. 

“I have no update on the injured guy but police say it was a serious cut to the forearm.”

Police have seized both knives, Pitt added.

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