Motorist ditches truck

Monday July 13, 2020 Written by Published in Crime
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Police are investigating a crash that left a blue Nissan Terrano upside down in a ditch in Atupa, early yesterday morning.

A passerby said nobody appeared to have been injured, but the car’s windows were all smashed in.

Police also arrested two drivers over the weekend for testing over the drink-drive limit. One was stopped at a checkpoint in town on the Friday night shift. 

The other had been involved in a minor crash at Tupapa, on Saturday night, when the male driver hit a motorbike pulling out onto the road near Chili’s.

One person was arrested on the Friday night shift for drunkenness and resisting police.  Other minor incidents involved domestic disturbances, and excessive noise.  Several motorcyclists were fined for no helmet, on Saturday. One driver was forbidden. One theft was reported and drug utensils were retrieved from a house. Three motorbikes were reported stolen, and yesterday, one was recovered.

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