JP shows compassion for young offender

Monday May 25, 2020 Written by Published in Crime

Youth was on the side of a 17-year-old who appeared in court for failing to stop on demand and dangerous driving charges.

On April 24, Ngatamaroa Ave was approaching a police checkpoint in Arorangi and failed to stop.

Instead the young man decided to do wheelies at speed on the motorbike he was riding and was pursued by police.

He entered the driveway of the mini-golf course and was later arrested at his residence.   

Police prosecutor Fai Tararo said when Ave was questioned, he refused to give any explanation as to why he had evaded police and put the lives of other people at risk.

Due to a no-show at court earlier in the day, a warrant to arrest was to be issued but a late appearance by Ave and two guilty pleas saved him from been convicted. 

Justice of the Peace Georgina Williams asked the defendant one question: “Why didn’t you stop?”

She went on to ask if it was because he was being “smart” or because he was “frightened”.

Ave responded and said he was scared.

“I just took off and didn’t stop,” he said.

JP Williams showed compassion and said he was too young to understand the seriousness of his actions and it was his first appearance before the court.

Thankfully no one had been injured, but had someone been hurt the repercussions would have been much different – Ave would have been looking at time in prison, she said.    

“You got ‘fright flight’, this is a chance for you, I don’t want to put a black mark next to your name,” JP Williams said.

Although police prosecutor, Sergeant Fai Tararo recommended a hefty fine, JP Williams discharged Ave without conviction, but he was required to pay court costs of $50.

“Take this seriously. This is the last time I want to see you in here again.”

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