Bars and nightclubs set to reopen

Monday May 25, 2020 Written by Published in Crime
Bars and nightclubs set to reopen

Bars and restaurants can remain open until 10pm, nightclubs expected to reopen this week, confirms police.

Police have indicated nightclubs and bars can start operating during normal hours from this week.

However the law enforcing authority is concerned with the spate in poor driver behaviour, after the easing of restrictions on booze outlets.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt yesterday confirmed bars and restaurants can remain open until 10pm.

He also said they believe nightclubs intend to reopen this week.

Last week clubs were given the green light to open their doors and begin serving alcohol again – but only until 6pm.

They welcomed the government decision, but said they would be pushing to open later than “the six o’clock swill”.

Clubs were also told they could reopen with reduced trading hours of 11am to 6pm, until March 2021.

However Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown confirmed there are plans to grant bars and nightclub normal licensing hours.

“Speaking to the Commissioner (Maara Tetava), it looks like normal licensing hours will be in effect (this) week for all bars and restaurants and nightclubs,” Brown said over the weekend.

Commissioner Tetava, who is also the chairman of the Liquor Licensing Authority, cancelled the licenses of all bars and nightclubs in March due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last night, Rohan Ellis, owner of the Hula and Luna bars, said they would welcome decisions to grant bars and nightclubs normal licensing hours.

However Ellis said they were yet to receive an official notification from the Liquor Licensing Authority.

Meanwhile police say there is every indication that drivers are reverting back to poor levels of behaviour with the easing of restrictions on booze outlets like bars and nightclubs.

Five people are heading to court this week after being tested over the legal limit at traffic checkpoints early yesterday.

Another driver averted a police checkpoint but he and his passenger were identified when they came off their motorbike. The driver ran off.

Trevor Pitt said: “Any hope of a reduction in drinking and driving is off the table as long as drivers want to keep risking life and limb, as well as their licences.”



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