Lax parents let kids drive, say police

Tuesday February 18, 2020 Written by Published in Crime
Lax parents  let kids drive, say police

Despite the death of a man and a boy in a fatal head-on smash last month, police say Rarotonga’s roads were “noticeably” full of underage drivers this weekend, with no helmets and driving dangerously.


And eight people were arrested for drink-driving.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said they seized a motorbike from a 14-year-old on Sunday, and issued fines to a number of youngsters for not wearing a helmet. “No helmets, just joyriding on bikes that were clearly non-compliant.”

There were a lot of discussions around failings in the home, he said. “The responsibility clearly begins there. Unfortunately, far too many youngsters are not being supervised and they're getting access to motorbikes easily.”

After the recent road deaths, Prime Minister Henry Puna announced a road safety crackdown, with mandatory helmets and bans on drivers using phones and earphones. The Transport Amendment Bill would lower the blood and breath alcohol limits.

As well as the eight arrests, a further two people suspected of driving drunk eluded Police – one was involved in a crash and the other could not be stopped by a bystander.

One disqualified driver was prosecuted on Saturday and warned not to reoffend while another was remanded into prison for reoffending on his disqualified court order, as well as testing over the limit.

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