Arrests prove driver attitude needs to be changed

Monday February 17, 2020 Written by Published in Crime
Police has warned a disqualified driver he risked going to prison. 20021619 Police has warned a disqualified driver he risked going to prison. 20021619

While Cook Islands Police, the Cook Islands Government and other key stakeholder agencies prepare legislative changes to curb drink driving, a spate of arrests on driving charges during last weekend’s night shift have kept officers busy.


Police want to see a reversal of the rate of people being added to the list of disqualified drivers (DQ), but the convictions continue to expose an ingrained culture of drinking and driving.

Five people arrested on drink driving charges and driving while disqualified (DQ) appeared in court on Saturday morning.

Of the two defendants who appeared on driving while disqualified charges, one was remanded in custody, following a request by police prosecution.

The other was warned that he risked going to prison if he continued to breach the court’s orders.

He had been disqualified on a drink driving conviction only two weeks prior.

A sixth person escaped police custody when he was apprehended for driving a noisy motorbike. Police are working to track him down.

Also on Friday night, a local resident tried to seize the keys off a driver suspected of being under the influence of alcohol. The driver was reported to police and the owner of the vehicle was identified.

These ongoing arrests and convictions are fuelling the argument on how driver behaviour now has to change by forceful measures.

Two more drivers were stopped by police on Saturday night.

One was arrested after being tested at three times the legal limit. The other tested at double the limit but police are also awaiting the results of a blood specimen analysis.

A minor crash was also reported at Arorangi on Saturday night, with the offending male motorcyclist taking off, leaving a female victim with minor scratches.

In other police news, a concerned resident filmed a teenager on an illegal motorbike driving at high speed on the back road through Matavera towards Muri, on Saturday.

He eventually went onto the main road.

Described as approximately 14 years old, and without a helmet, he was fully aware of the dangerous and risky manner in which he was driving.

Police are encouraging anyone who knows this young man to report him. If you see underage and reckless drivers, report them to Cook Islands Police on 22499.

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