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Alcohol in most road crashes

Tuesday February 04, 2020 Written by Published in Crime
Alcohol in most road crashes

The number of reported motor vehicle crashes on Rarotonga dropped last year – but those that happened were more serious.


It's that mounting death toll that Cook Islands Police Service says is driving them to push for law changes.

The drop in reported crashes is reflected in the 235 crashes reported in 2019, down from 279 in 2018, and 252 in 2017.

But the 11 deaths on the road since the start of 2019 takes the country’s fatality count to 60 since 2008.

The high risk group remains young males on motorbikes with more than half of the road deaths attributed to men aged under 36 years.

Police says males aged 16 to 25 years old represent nearly two-thirds of those deaths, since 2008.

Ministry of Health data on transport incidents also provides key support to police Intel figures on motor vehicle crashes by highlighting the number of victims influenced by alcohol.

A clear majority of fatalities involve alcohol; about half of all crash victims treated at Rarotonga Hospital are alcohol-related.

Motorcyclists are the focal point of proposed changes to the law, which provide tougher controls over driver behaviour.

Police want expanded authority over offenders, including disqualified drivers who continue to breach their court orders.

Offenders will risk losing their vehicles to the police, who will be able to dispose of them.


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