Woman forgives gunman

Tuesday February 04, 2020 Written by Published in Crime
Vako Takai and her dogs. 19092338 Vako Takai and her dogs. 19092338

A gun-wielding intruder returned to his victim’s house afterwards, and pleaded for her mercy. Now has asked police to drop charges.


A young woman who was threatened at gunpoint by an intruder has asked police to drop charges against the man, saying she forgives him.

Police are now reviewing the charges against Ngametuangaro Pekepo.

Vako Takai, 20, said she wrote to the Court to withdraw her complaint because she felt sorry for the defendant.

“I felt pity for him and his family,” she explained. “They apologised multiple times. God forgives me for my sins, and that is exactly what I did, I forgave him for what he did to me.”

Pekepo and a serving police officer allegedly turned up at her house last year, inebriated and carring a .22 rifle, and threatened to shoot her dogs because he claimed they had attacked his goats. He threatened her and her two friends.

A few days after the intrusion, Pekepo and his wife went around to apologise.

And then just a few days ago, one of her uncles paid her a visit to update her on the progress of the court prosecution.

“I just don’t like dramas and problems that’s all, but I told him and his partner, that I will withdraw the charges as long as this doesn’t happen to anybody else,” Takai said.

“I don’t care who it is or whatever reason, no more. Because of what they did, I didn’t feel safe anywhere on this island, I couldn’t sleep properly,” she said.

Pekepo is charged with three counts of threatening to kill Vako Takai, her partner Tuiate Beam and their friend Leanne Rio.

He is alleged to have been acting in a threatening manner on September 22 last year.

Police had earlier confirmed that nothing unlawful was found on the off-duty officer alleged to have been involved in the act.

Pekepo has already admitted possession of an unregistered rifle firearm.

Defence counsel Mark Short submitted Takai’s letter to Justice of the Peace Bernice Manarangi, and said a copy of the letter was given to police who would then advise on progress.

Manarangi adjourned the case to April 9 to enable police time for a decision.


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