Police warn of spam from fake police

Saturday January 11, 2020 Written by Published in Crime

Cook Islands Police Service is asking residents to be aware of spam sent to them through Facebook Messenger or other social media, after it emerged scammers were posing as police to get people’s Bluesky PIN numbers.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said police did not make such approaches and warned people to be cautious.

“Thanks to our observant users who actively engage with us on Facebook for sharing this warning,” he said.

He also advised residents to be vigilant about protecting their identities and profiles on any social media platforms, by updating security settings constantly.

“I think the risk is Messenger and the links and attachments that are sent. It's not advisable to click onto unknown identities contacting you,” Pitt said.

“Even those who are known may have been hacked for the purposes of spreading spam/scams. So it pays to be cautious always.” 

Next week, Police Commissioner Maara Tetava is to provide more advice on how they plan to tackle online spam/hacking and will review police online security.

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