Young dad gets bail

Friday July 19, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Tereanu Teava breathed a sigh of relief and smiled in the court room yesterday, after Justice of Peace Bernice Manarangi granted him bail – the culmination of a long-running saga.

The young father has been held in custody close to a month after breaking bail conditions.

Mark Short, making the bail application, provided a letter from Teava’s grandfather who said he wanted to see his grandson change his life.

Short said Teava would be

residing with his grandfather and working with him on the farm. “His family is giving him a chance; he needs to prove himself. We have had a good discussion that if he breaches bail; they (family) need to wake up to reality that he needs rehabilitation.”

Short said based on the charges, Teava would be doing time in prison. Teava has admitted four counts of burglary, five counts of contempt of court where he once escaped from police custody, and a charge of intent to injure and refusing a breath test.   

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