Curfew checks were not abusive – police

Saturday June 15, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Cook Islands Police have rejected accusations that a police officer abused his authority in repeatedly banging on a family’s door at night and waking them up.

Defense counsel Norman George had complained to the court of one officer who had done “curfew checks” three times a night on an offender he knew from his home island.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt confirmed the officer was related to the offender Daniel Akama, but said it was nothing personal.

It wrong of George to blame the officer, he said.

Akama was not a repeat offender, George had told the court, so there was no need for police to visit him three times between 7pm and 7am.

He claimed that the officer from Mitiaro was doing this on purpose, because Akama is also from Mitiaro.

But Pitt said the officer was simply doing his job as per court orders, checking on Akama.

Pitt also confirmed the officer has been trying to help Akama since he first started offending. 

Akama was already facing a number of charges including four counts of contempt of court, Pitt noted. He is to be sentenced on July 3.

Any curfew concerns can be returned to court for consideration, Pitt said.

The police had a duty to uphold those orders and would continue to do so for the welfare of the community and its victims.

“Legal counsel can argue otherwise but this is a decision for the court,” he said.

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