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Wednesday April 24, 2019 Written by Published in Crime
Police are worried about the number of people continuing to drink and drive. 19042312 Police are worried about the number of people continuing to drink and drive. 19042312

Police stopped more than a dozen people from driving after they were found to have been consuming alcohol or not wearing a helmet during the long Easter weekend.


Spokesman Trevor Pitt reiterated that police are giving out a stern word of advice on the drinking and driving that is occurring too often. 

“Drivers are continuing to take risks drinking and driving on our roads. That is obvious from the number of people that police are forbidding to drive each weekend when stopped at traffic checkpoints,” Pitt said.

He said not only are these drivers presenting a danger to themselves and other motorists but they would lose their right to drive if arrested and prosecuted. 

Pitt said at least 11 people were prevented from driving on Saturday night alone.

Meanwhile, police are calling on the general public to take precautionary measures on their belongings when enjoying the lagoon.

The cautionary warning comes after an incident theft took place at the Titikaveka beachside location over Easter.

Police spokesman Trevor Pitt confirmed that this was an incident of theft and advised that people must not stash their belongings in the compartment under their motorbike seat.

“And do not leave your valuables in an unlocked car while snorkeling and swimming.  The risk is too great and you will lose your property,” Pitt said.

Pitt said it was a relatively peaceful weekend throughout with only two minor crashes, two theft incidents, and three suspects found to have breached bail conditions. 

The suspects were arrested to appear in court for contempt.

He added that the level of traffic on our roads and areas of vehicle congestion, particularly around shops and supermarkets, demands a high degree of care and alertness. 

Pitt said police are regularly encountering incidents of collisions between vehicles at congested parking spots and careless reversing out of those spaces.

“Motorists also need to take special care when pulling out of spaces close to or at road bends, or on narrow strips.  Be aware of your traffic conditions and the road environment in which you are either reversing or pulling out into traffic flow.  Indicate. Be patient. Stay alert and look.”

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