Harassment claim: More time needed

Thursday March 28, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Cook Islands police have confirmed that issues related to a harassment claim from a Fijian woman will need further clarification.


Spokesman Trevor Pitt said a round of interviews involving the Fijian woman who departed Rarotonga has been completed.

He said interviews have been held with those connected to the Fijian woman who has subsequently raised claims of sexual abuse while living in Rarotonga.

However, Pitt said: “Police will be continuing their efforts to look into the issues related to an incident that was reported on March 11, 2019, concerning an allegation of harassment.

“Information obtained by police at that time will require further clarification and may necessitate co-operation with authorities overseas, including Fiji.”

The Fiji Sun reported claims from the young woman that she had been sexually abused and police had buried the case.

A legal counsel who says she assisted the young woman to get to Fiji, stated to the Fijian newspaper that she was surprised the Cook Islands Police Service “denied ever receiving reports regarding rape and sexual abuse”.

She said: “They are only claiming that the victim made a harassment claim from March 11 - what was done about that? Nothing. That too was left unresolved.”

Two complaints were reported by the girl to the police where one is a complaint of assault from about a year ago, involving a domestic argument between the stepfather and young woman and this had been resolved.

The second complaint lodged on March 11 this year was against an employee of her stepfather.

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