Cases discharged for schoolboys

Friday March 29, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Two high school students have had their cases discharged by the Cook Islands High Court and were sent off with a warning to behave and not to appear in court again.


The two appeared before Justice of Peace Georgina Williams on a joint burglary charge while the second accused also appeared for contempt of court.

Defence counsel Mark Short said since July 12 a lot of work was done for the two to pay reparations.

Short presented a letter to JP Williams written by the victim seeking the court’s approval for the charge to be dropped.

He said the defendants were in school and had never been in the court for other matters before, and asked for the matter to be discharged.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Fairoa Tararo did not object.

JP Williams discharged the matter stating the two were still young and that the victim had asked for the charges to be dropped.

Seeing that the defendants were giggling, JP Williams said the matter has been before the court for over a year and it was not funny but a waste of the court’s time.

She warned that they were lucky, they must behave and were not to be seen in court again.

In another matter, tourist Aaron Murdoch was discharged without conviction for an assault on a female.

Defence counsel Short said he did not receive disclosures from the police but his client was ready to enter a plea as he wanted the matter to be dealt with quickly and he was a visitor from New Zealand.

A guilty plea was entered through the defence counsel.

Police prosecutor Senior Sergeant Tararo said the event took place on the 24th of this month where the complainant and victim is a friend of the defendant.

Tararo said a fine of $500 could be imposed.

Short said the defendant has apologised to the victim, they were in a bad situation and the facts were that the victim also slapped the defendant and the victim has accepted the defendant’s apology.

A letter from the victim was presented to JP Williams that was read out in court. The letter stated that she came to Rarotonga for a holiday and was sad such a thing happened. She also wrote that she did not want to waste the police time on the beautiful island of Rarotonga and knows the defendant and they have resolved the matter.

Short added that the defendant was making a donation to a men’s counselling centre in Rarotonga.

Having heard and reading the fact, JP Williams said there were two separate incidents where one incident showed that the victim slapped the defendant and later the victim was assaulted.

She said the defendant was remorseful and entered an early guilty plea even before receiving the summary of facts.

JP Williams said this was an incident that involved too much alcohol and it was good that both parties are still friends.

She discharged the matter under section 112 of the Criminal Procedure Act and ordered Murdoch to pay court costs of $50.

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