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Speeding blamed for most accidents

Tuesday March 26, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

A careless-driving charge arose from a crash near the Edgewater Resort in Arorangi last week.


The morning incident was one of two crashes reported to the police and the other occurred in the town area involved a motorbike and a car. That matter is still being investigated.

While this month’s motor vehicle crash figures appear to be trending low, the February statistics reveal that, on average, an incident on the road occurred every second day – 15 in total for the 28 days of the month.

Speeding was the leading cause of the crashes with alcohol and carelessness coming in not far behind.

About half of the accidents happened in the late hours of the day and into the night with 65 per cent of those involved sustaining injuries.

All the motorbike riders in the crashes were not wearing helmets.

The bulk of the crashes are consistently occurring in Te Au O Tonga district.

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