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$800 fine for having bong

Thursday March 21, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Nooroa Manarangi appeared before Chief Justice Sir Hugh Williams QC for sentencing at the Cook Islands High Court yesterday. Manarangi entered a guilty plea to one count of possessing a utensil for smoking marijuana.


Defence counsel Mark Short in his sentencing submissions said the defendant has undertaken counselling.

Short said: “Because of his age, being relatively young, he went through the legislation with the defendant to make him understand that just having possession of a bong utensil is a breach of the law, he now understands that.” Mr Short said the defendant now has a job and his parents have been pleased with his progress so far.

Chief Justice Williams said the maximum penalty is five years in jail or a $5000 fine.

The facts of the matter read out by Chief Justice Williams was that the defendant was stopped by police and asked to open the motorcycle in which had the utensil. He said the defendant was convicted on one offence four years ago, but would not take that into account.

He said the defendant had good guidance, Mr Short and his family and was now earning $400 a week.

Chief Justice Williams in sentencing made an order for the destruction of the utensil and for the defendant to pay a fine of $800 and court costs of $50.  

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