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Repeat offender facing charges

Monday March 18, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

A man who is charged with three serious offences will appear before a judge at the Cook Islands High Court next week.


Repeat offender Wilfred Dauvois appeared before Justice of Peace Carmen Temata a week ago.

He is charged for assaulting a female, sexual intercourse with a female without her consent and careless driving.

Defence counsel Norman George said the new charge on careless driving was an offence Dauvois is alleged to have committed on February 9 this year.

George requested the matter be adjourned as he needed time to examine the case and to receive disclosure on the new charge.

Police prosecutor senior sergeant Fairoa Tararo said this was a new charge and needed a bail condition to be imposed on the defendant.

He said due to the defendant’s medical condition he must be disqualified from driving.

Defence counsel George objected to prosecution submissions stating that the defendant did have a medical condition but it was no justification to impose such a bail condition.

“If he’s got a medical condition, why charge him? This is a punishment condition. There is no policy for this to be imposed,” he said.

Sergeant Tararo said it was a difficult decision for JP Temata to make and asked that the matter be adjourned and put before the judge.

George agreed stating that the other two court matters which were serious would be brought before a judge and it would be appropriate to raise the careless driving matter then.

JP Temata adjourned the matter to March 28 before a presiding judge.

On another medical matter, Tuainekore Kare appeared on a charge of assault on a female.

Kare is in custody awaiting the results of his medical assessments.

Sergeant Tararo said the defendant was unstable and was not in a condition to understand the justice system.

He said Kare was represented by a lawyer.

JP Temata said it was unwise to release the defendant on bail due to his medical condition and adjourned the matter to March 28.  

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