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Lawyer withdraws

Monday March 04, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Defence counsel Mona Ioane’s request to withdraw from a court matter was approved by the Cook Islands High Court on Thursday.


Ioane sought approval to withdraw from being a legal representative to Kaiea Ariu.

Ariu is charged with two counts of assault on a female and was expected to appear before Justice of Peace Bernice Manarangi.

However, having not appeared in court, Ioane said Ariu broke bail conditions several times and it was difficult for him to deal with the defendant.

Speaking on behalf of the Law Society, Wilkie Rasmussen said: “In the interest of justice, he (Ariu) is a regular in the court room but he is still entitled to legal representation”.

Rasmussen said most of the defence counsels have represented Ariu in the past but as per the law anybody who appears in court need to be represented by a lawyer.

Police prosecutor senior sergeant Tuaine Manavaroa requested for a bench warrant for the arrest of Ariu.

JP Manarangi adjourned the matter to March 7 and granted a bench warrant.

She also asked that Ariu be legally represented in the next court sitting. 

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