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Driving, assault cases top court list

Monday February 11, 2019 Written by Published in Crime
Police at a checkpoint on Rarotonga. Driving off ences topped the weekly court list. 19021060 Police at a checkpoint on Rarotonga. Driving off ences topped the weekly court list. 19021060

A number of driving related and assault matters were brought before the Cook Islands High Court last Thursday.

There were 14 excess breath alcohol matters, two careless driving matters, a careless driving causing bodily injury matter, five assault on a female case, two common assault and an assault with intent to injure.

Manuela Tangimetua appeared before Justice of Peace Carmen Temata facing a charge of excess breath alcohol.

Police prosecution said that it was around 12.55am in December that Tangimetua was driving in Titikaveka where police stopped the defendant and took a breathalyser test.

Prosecution said the result was 730millgrams per litre of breath and the defendant admitted to drinking six cans of Woodstock.

JP Carmen convicted and sentenced Tangimetua to a fine of $350 and $50 court costs, with a 12-month disqualification of her driver’s licence.

Spencer Teinangaro had his case adjourned to February 28. JP Temata ordered Teinangaro to see his defence counsel Wilkie Rasmussen. Rasmussen informed the court that his client has not been to see him to discuss the case.

Maurice Napa pleaded not guilty to an EBA charge. He is represented by defence counsel Norman George. Trial has been adjourned to February 26.

Motu Puia pleaded guilty to an EBA charge and was sentenced to a fine of $550, $50 court costs and disqualification of his driver’s licence for 12-months.

Tumaiata Purua pleaded not guilty to an EBA charge. The matter has been adjourned to April 17 for a hearing. Defence counsel was Mark Short.

Gabriel Rani appeared in court. Defence counsel Short was yet to receive disclosure from the police. The matter was adjourned to April 11.

Tua Tutai’s defence counsel Short requested the court to excuse his client’s absence as he was abroad for a job interview. Short said the job interview was a good opportunity for his client. He said the charge was minor and wanted to discuss the matter with police. He said the court also had the jurisdiction to discharge the matter. The matter has been adjourned to February 28.

Pande Kadek, an Indonesian national, was represented by defence counsel Mark Short. Short said he was yet to receive disclosure. JP Temata adjourned the matter to February 28 for a plea to be taken and she also ordered that an interpreter to be present in court.

Julia Kajer appeared for a charge of EBA and assault on a child. Defence counsel Short asked for an adjournment as he was yet to meet with his client. JP Temata adjourned the matter to February 28.

Andrew Iroa appeared for an EBA charge. Defence counsel asked for an adjournment due to the number of cases he was handling at the moment. The matter has been adjourned to April 18.

Tupopongi Kaimarama’s defence counsel said he had just received disclosure from Police and requested for an adjournment. JP Temata adjourned the matter to February 14.

For the charge of resisting police, defence counsel Wilkie Rasmussen said his client Stewart Taveiro was taken into police custody, got injured and was hospitalised. Rasmussen said Taveiro then disappeared when hospitalised.

He said the defendant came to the Cook Islands as visitor with his mother and did not know if police wanted to pursue the matter.

However, police prosecution requested a bench warrant to be issued.

JP Temata ordered a bench warrant for the arrest of Taveiro to be brought before the court.

In the case of threatening to kill and assault on a female, Tekoronga Tekoronga, through his counsel Wilkie Rasmussen pleaded not guilty to both charges.

JP Temata adjourned the matter for a mention on March 26.

Iorama Ngataua appeared for the charge of common assault. Police prosecution said the defendant was given time to sort a lawyer or to enter a plea.

Ngataua said he had already sought a lawyer but was still unemployed. JP Temata said she could not understand how Ngataua was still looking for employment. She adjourned the matter March 7 for a plea to be entered.

A bench warrant was ordered for the arrest of Tabitha Mataroa for the charge of careless driving.

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