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Bail ends with new charge

Wednesday February 06, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Okotai Rongo Rae, who was granted bail a week ago has been remanded in custody for contempt of court.


Wilkie Rasmussen said he represented Rae in the last court matter and this was a fresh charge against him.

“At this stage he has again breached an agreement between the two of us that he was not going to reoffend and give himself a chance,” said Rasmussen.

“Bail was granted that if he reoffends he had to go back to custody. He was previously in custody for a month but I’m not in a position to ask for bail for him at this stage, until I see him and see if his able to maintain a relationship with counsel or not.”

Police prosecutor Sergeant Fairoa Tararo asked to adjourn the matter to February 28, the same date as his previous charges were to be presented.

The court heard Rae was charged with one count of burglary, one count of assault on a female and one count of excess breath alcohol (EBA) and was now charged with one count of theft, dangerous driving and three counts of contempt of court.

Rae tried to show remorse before the court, however, Sergeant Tararo informed the court this was not Rae’s first appearance and last week he was given the benefit of the doubt.

JP Williams said Rae’s five contempt of court charges show he was not listening to the court orders, and was in the same position as before.

“The lawyers are giving up on you, you are not listening. Unfortunately, it is negatively affecting your family, but that’s your choice. The choices you are making are landing you where you are,” JP Williams told Rae.

The matter has been adjourned to February 28  

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