Police zodiac in boat rescue

Tuesday February 05, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Police rescue zodiac Lady Kai was put to sea yesterday morning in response to a stranded fishing boat off the Rutaki passage.


The local fishermen were safe, but their boat had suffered engine failure during a night's fishing. Police were contacted for a tow, which was successfully completed shortly after 8am.

A tourist was disappointed to find someone had stooped so low as to take his belongings off the beach where he had been swimming late yesterday afternoon. He lost his things to the thief at Kaena but, thankfully, no valuables were inside the bag.

At Tupapa, however, police were notified today of a break-in and the loss of cash, passport, and other items from a residence.

Last night on the back road of Tupapa, a crash occurred by the Apostolic church. A truck ran into a power pole with the driver sustaining minor injuries.

And in Takitumu overnight, a traffic checkpoint yielded eight forbidden drivers. In town, a further three people were prevented from driving.


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