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New licences soon: Police

Tuesday January 29, 2019 Written by Published in Crime
Back in stock this week. 19012809 Back in stock this week. 19012809

The Cook Islands Police Licensing Office is expected to resume issuing photo drivers’ licences by the end of this week.


Licence cards provided by the police service were out of stock last week and paper licences similar to those issued in Aitutaki were issued in Rarotonga.

Drivers are advised that they can opt for the normal photo licence, in which the cost is $20 plus a small postage fee so that these can be mailed.

It is understood that during this brief delay, the Licensing Office is providing for paper licences at a cost of $2.50 and this is valid for a year.

The police service has confirmed that should drivers take this option, they will be required to carry their receipt as proof of a licence, if demanded by the police at any time.

 “The normal testing fees and process remains in place. The police service regrets this temporary measure and apologises for any inconvenience caused.”

Meanwhile, the police service social media page has received several comments, where one suggested that tourists must be issued paper licences as they are on the island only for a month while others can be issued the proper cards.     

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