Thefts prompt more warnings from the police

Tuesday January 08, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Cook Islands Police are reminding the members of the public to be vigilant and to look after their belongings at all times.


The warning comes after three theft cases were reported over the weekend.

In a statement yesterday, police said over the past weekend, a number of people had fallen victim to “opportunistic, dishonest individuals”.

“Three incidents of theft were reported to the police and one visitor went back to a restaurant to look for a cell phone that had been left on the table. It was gone, whereabouts unknown, according to staff,” the statement said.

In separate incidents, two people had their vehicle windows smashed and valuables taken, including cash and electronics.

“Vehicles are not safe havens. Do not stash or leave any valuables in cars or bike compartments. The risk is too great – as is the temptation for unsavoury people.”

Police warned thieves were not particularly discriminating, adding, “they do not care who you are or how much your belongings mean to you.

“Unfortunately, many of us don't think about the risks involved in leaving property unattended - even if locked up.”

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