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Festive season brings out opportunistic thieves

Friday January 04, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

The festive season might still be with us but it hasn’t stopped opportunistic thieves from taking advantage of others.


On Wednesday police received a complaint from a woman, who had what was described as “a very large sum of cash” taken from her bag inside her house.

“Please take care where valuables are kept, especially cash. Opportunities to steal can be too much temptation for some,” a police spokesman said.

Two phones were reported stolen on New Year’s Day, taken from houses with the owners nearby. The spokesman warned about leaving phones unattended in full sight.

“Many phones are valued in excess of $1,000, although a loss will hurt much more in terms of stolen photos and private information,” the spokesman said.

Police also received a burglary complaint late on Monday night, and are following up on a number of stolen household items.

There was one report of a dangerous driver at Nikao, one excessive noise complaint in Tupapa, and a check on boys loitering near the cinema in town.

Two individuals under court orders were not at home when checked by Police Officers.

A complaint from someone bitten by a dog on Monday resulted in the animal subsequently being identified to be put down.

Meanwhile, a man discovered to be in beach of his bail conditions on Monday night was arrested on New Year’s Day.

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