Police warn against case speculation

Sunday November 04, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

The Cook Islands Police Service says it wants to quash any rumours and speculation about two young males, charged recently with arson. 


“Irresponsible public comments do not help the legal process, and also undermine the important work of the police,” said police spokesman Trevor Pitt.

“The two teenagers facing charges for their respective alleged offences are under strict court-ordered bail conditions, the matters of which are suppressed. 

“The police assure the public that all conditions imposed on the two, who are both on Rarotonga, continue to be managed and monitored with the utmost vigilance.”

In September a 17-year-old was arrested by Criminal Investigation Bureau officers looking into three property fires on Rarotonga.

Police said the accused was a known offender. They said his arrest was in addition to an earlier case brought against a 15-year-old, late in August.  


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