Police officer hurt in assault incident

Tuesday September 18, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

A female police officer needed medical attention after being kicked in the back of the head during an assault incident, in the early hours of Sunday morning.


A male tourist from Australia will appear in court on Thursday as a result of charges arising from the incident. Police were called to a fight near Avarua Harbour, which had allegedly been started by occupants of a rental vehicle.

The visitor was subsequently arrested, but police say that while he was being transported to police headquarters, the man kicked the officer in the back of the head. She was taken to hospital. 

The man was later bailed to appear on charges of assaulting a constable; obscene language and resisting arrest. He had to surrender his passport.

Asked to comment on allegations by a member of the public who witnessed the fight, that police had appeared to assault the arrested man after he had been put in the police vehicle, police spokesman Trevor Pitt reiterated that one of the charges against the man was resisting arrest. 

“That is an indication of the behaviour by this person, who was quite violent – physically and verbally, toward the police. 

“Eight officers attended the incident but he was still combative.”

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