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Male in court on 11 charges

Friday August 17, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

An individual facing 11 separate charges was one of 22 cases brought before Justice of the Peace Georgina Williams at the courthouse yesterday.


The charges included four counts of contempt of court and two counts of assault on a female, as well as single counts of theft, unlawful taking, fighting in public, dealing with a document to defraud and dangerous driving at speed.

The young male, who is well known to police and has a criminal history stretching back several years, was represented by lawyer Wilkie Rasmussen.

Also appearing before Justice Williams yesterday was a man involved in a multi-vehicle incident in Tupapa on Tuesday that resulted in the hospitalisation of a woman and toddler. He was charged with dangerous driving causing injury and failing to stop and was representing himself.

The 20 other cases being heard yesterday included a mix of driving-related charges, assault charges, contempt of court, burglary, theft and drug-related charges.

Three individuals faced charges of driving with excess breath or blaaood alcohol levels, two were up on driving while being disqualified and one more faced charges of both dangerous driving and failing to stop.

Two individuals were up on joint burglary charges, while two more faced charges of theft and a fifth charges of both burglary and theft. There was also one charge of being unlawfully found on a property to be answered.

Four cases involved either assault on a female or common assault, and there was also a single charge of fighting in public to be heard.

Drug-related charges included two individuals arrested for possession of cannabis seeds, with two more facing multiple counts of possessing a utensil for drug use.

By far the most common charge being heard yesterday was contempt of court, with a total of 13 charges levelled against various individuals, several of whom faced multiple contempt charges.

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