Meetings to look into global child labour regulations

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The Cook Islands will hold meetings on Aitutaki and Rarotonga this week on the possibility of ratifying International Labour Organisation’s Convention C-182 on the worst forms of child labour, and Convention C-144 on tripartite consultations.

A statement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that since 1919, the International Labour Organisation had developed a system of international labour standards aimed at promoting opportunities for women and men to obtain “decent and productive” work in conditions of freedom, equity, security and dignity.

“In today’s globalized economy, international labour standards are an essential component in ensuring that the growth of the global economy provides benefits to all,” the statement said.

“They are the legal component in the ILO’s strategy for governing globalisation, promoting sustainable development, eradicating poverty, and ensuring that people can work in dignity and safety.” 

During a recent visit to the Cook Islands, ILO director for Pacific Island Countries, Donglin Li met with internal affairs minister Albert Nicholas, Cook Islands Chamber of Commerce president Steve Lyon, the president of the Cook Islands Workers’ Association, Tuaine Maunga, and other Cook Islands partners, encouraging them to ratify the important convention which protects children from the worst forms of child labour.

“Li underlined the fact that only five member states from the Pacific are yet to ratify the convention on the Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention, 1999 (No. 182) which came into force in November, 2000, Cook Islands being one of them,” the statement said.

“As a recent member state of the ILO and with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and the Cook Islands Workers’ Association, the Cook Islands government acknowledged the importance of the convention and submitted a pledge during the IV Global Conference on the Sustained Eradication of Child Labour in Argentina in November 2017 to ratify it as soon as possible.

“The ILO convention C-144 on tripartite consultations will be considered for ratification. This promotes dialogue between the tripartite partners and is designed to build trust amongst them.

“Social and labour policies that are based on effective tripartite consultation with representatives of government, employers’ and workers’ organisations help ensure informed decisions and result in increased commitment and ownership by all stakeholders involved.

The government of Cook Islands and the ILO thank all involved in the global effort to protect our children and encourage the public to join the public consultation this Thursday at 5:30 pm at the Sinai Hall. The consultations will be held wit assistance from the International Labour Organisation

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