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Officer under investigation after alleged assault

Tuesday June 19, 2018 Written by Published in Crime
Allegations that a police officer was involved in an assault on a woman at a nightclub have come hot on the heels of the launch by Police Commissioner Maara Tetava last month of a new “policing model”. Allegations that a police officer was involved in an assault on a woman at a nightclub have come hot on the heels of the launch by Police Commissioner Maara Tetava last month of a new “policing model”.

A Cook Island Police Service spokesman has confirmed that a police officer has been interviewed as part of an investigation in to an alleged assault that occurred at Rehab Nightclub in Avarua on June 7.

The father of the alleged victim, who apparently had her jaw broken in two separate places, took to social media to vent his anger over the incident.

“My daughter's jaw was broken in two places at Rehab Nightclub,” he wrote.

CINews has been told the female victim is also suffering from psychological injuries following the assault.

“Now my daughter doesn't know all the beautiful family and friends she has,” wrote the victim’s father.

However, the police spokesperson says no report was made to the police service at the time of the incident.

The police officer was off duty at the time of the alleged incident.

“Any claims made against a police officer – or any other person, cannot be substantiated at all, as yet.

“Following the claims posted on Facebook, the police officer identified in a photograph as being involved has been interviewed as part of an investigation into the alleged fight. 

“He and one other person have provided helpful information about the night,” said the spokesperson.

Although the spokesperson claims “the police treat such incidents with seriousness,” CINews has been told the officer is still active on the CIPD roster, having avoided suspension pending the outcome of the investigation into the alleged assault.

Earlier this year, another police officer was discharged without conviction after assaulting a female family member. The decision was seen as being highly controversial at the time, with prominent lawyer Wilkie Rasmussen questioning whether there was one law for all or whether it was “different” for some people.

The police spokesperson says no complaint has yet been made. However, he has confirmed the CIPD is still looking into the alleged incident.


  • Comment Link Rima Wednesday, 20 June 2018 07:03 posted by Rima

    Whether the police was off duty who by the way is highly trained to deal & defuse an incident shouldn’t give the officer the right or excuse to use unnecessary force by breaking a woman’s jaw! A complaint has been made by victims broken jaw & those who were present at the niteclub!! What message does it send that it is ok to hit woman??
    It would be considered that the officer off duty should be charged with assault & battery to a woman!! The female with severe Perminant life long jaw injuries should be given the right to charge the officer off duty for assault thus searching legal fees for all medical bills sustained to the victim..if this matter is under investigation then ask yourself whether the victim was a high threat to those that were having a socialable night out or society & unless the woman was carrying a gun or weapon & in-house security couldn’t defuse the situation then by all means an apprehension of the victim would’ve made sense but to literally break the victims jaw in two still does not permit or give permission of the officer to use unexplainable force to a woman!!! If the officer in question is not charged with assault then the Cook island law system has failed safety to woman & is not trained well to handle such matters without breaking a woman’s jaw!! It is considered violence against woman which in a public forum is still deemed as an assault by off duty officer!! Officer should be charged with assault & Terminated affective immediately!! No excuses what so ever for physical violence to a woman!! Now the family of the victim has a long road to mend long life injuries that Could cost them a fortune to strategically operate on victims broken jaw!! If he were in another country he would be terminated & charged for severe assault!! I trust our cook island law system will not fail to act accordingly to officers unnecessary jaw breaking actions, thereby trusting in a system that gives right to victims as well as :
    1.Safety to WOMAN in a public forum.
    2.Say No to Violent assault to a WOMAN in a public forum.
    3.Safety at social events.
    4.safety to tourist.
    5.Better trained officers to use defensive statergies without having to break any physical part of the body!
    6.To apprehend victim quickly if intoxicated & to be removed off premises in an orderly manner!
    7.license Bars to have in-house security in place to handle situations first before police intervention!!
    8.off duty police to not be involved in matters whereby in house security should defuse first as officers impeered intoxicification in a public forum could overcloud officers judgement of unnecessary use of force & misuse of badge power!!

  • Comment Link Sarah oti Tuesday, 19 June 2018 12:23 posted by Sarah oti

    This is such a shame that the off duty officer assaulted a female fracturing jaw in two places. Regardless of his profession the situation could have been dealt with in a professional manner. In this case it seems this off duty officer may have over stepped his boundaries and needs to be reprimanded for his unprofessional actions, if intoxication was the factor, then why did the securities not intervene and do their job. Hope the young lady is getting a lot of counselling & support regarding this matter.

  • Comment Link ben Tuesday, 19 June 2018 10:12 posted by ben

    bring him to me so i can break his jaw aswell coz nothing gona happen to him