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Burglary victims learning lessons too late

Monday June 18, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

Visitor accommodation continues to be the largest target for burglars, the latest statistics released by the Cook Islands Police Service show.


Residential homes are also common targets. The districts of Takitumu and Te Au O Tonga continue to be the most frequently-hit areas.

“Property owners are advised to exercise considerable care in security measures, particularly if absent for long periods without any oversight from family, friends, hired help or neighbours,” a police spokesman said in a media release highlighting the statistics.

A total of 15 burglaries was recorded last month, consistent with last month’s figures and with the figures for May last year.

Burglaries are typically occurring during times when the occupants of private homes or tourist accommodation are absent. The “higher risk hours” are between 3pm and 11pm

“Visitors, especially, need to be made aware of potential risks both in the area and in leaving valuables exposed or unattended when out and about,” the spokesman said.

Of the 15 burglaries that occurred last month, 13 took place when homes were unoccupied. Police say at least nine of the incidents appear to be “opportunistic in nature”.

“The indication is that offenders may be scouting or roaming quiet areas where properties are vulnerable and easily accessible.

“Unfortunately, the statistics are also revealing that lessons around security are being learned too late.”

A total of 57 burglaries were reported within the first four months of this year, up 10 on the same period last year.

“Security is paramount as many outlets are experiencing multiple burglaries before taking more stringent safety steps. Cameras are often recommended as well as reinforced windows and doors” the spokesman said.

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  • Comment Link Chris Thursday, 21 June 2018 00:29 posted by Chris

    Sad!!! Instead of Burglary victims learning lessons too late, shouldn't the question be why is this all happening too often??? The issue is not the victims, it's the criminals that continue to get away with break-ins which by all accounts continues to grow! Some deep underlying issues need to be addressed if that's the best advice one can get from the police!!