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More to ‘theft’ than meets the eye

Wednesday May 16, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

The taking of goods from the Cook Islands Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) op-shop at the Punanga Nui market on Saturday may have not been a theft, as initially suspected.

SPCA op-shop manager Sandra Lovering told CINews yesterday that she had been approached by a local female who admitted to taking the clothes.

Lovering says the clothes belonged to the culprit.

“An angry family member dropped off the clothes,” says Lovering.

It is believed a mother and her daughter had a disagreement which resulted in the clothes being left on the SPCA’s doorstep. The person who owned the clothes eventually came and picked them up on Saturday morning.

Although this incident was a misunderstanding, Lovering says people have stolen from the SPCA in the past.

She hopes this incident will create more awareness about the effects of stealing from the animal welfare organisation.

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